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Sooner is Better

Patients get the most benefit from hospice support when hospice is called early.
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End of Life Option Act

At Hospice Services of Lake County, we envision a community where all members can live and die with dignity.  We value quality of life and honor the choices of individuals and families at all stages of life.  We acknowledge that there are hospice patients who may wish to avail themselves of their legal right under the End of Life Option Act by requesting a prescription from their physician that will end their life.

We are committed to educating and supporting any patient who inquires about and/or chooses this option.  Our teams are knowledgeable about the End of Life Option Act process and can guide you along the way.  When you inquire about this option, you will be met with care and kindness, not judgment.  We will ensure you have the information you need to fully consider this option.

End of Life Option Act