Board of Directors

Hospice Board RoomHospice Services of Lake County is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, governed by a Board of Directors, which has oversight of Hospice operations. The Board members work collaboratively with Hospice Services of Lake County’s Executive Director and Administrative Team to set policy, create a strategic plan for the future, approve the budget and oversee the finances, and monitor compBill Gottlieb
Health & Wellness Author & Coachliance and quality.

The Board members are residents of the communities served by Hospice Services of Lake County. They are elected and serve three year terms. The Board meets every month, and each Board member also sits on one or more committees.


Bill Gottlieb
Health & Wellness Author & Coach

Don Hubbard
Enrolled Agent

Petra Bergstrom
Realtor, Morgan Lane Real Estate


David Neft
Broker/Owner, Neft & Neft Real Estate

Mark Borghesani
Owner, Kelseyville Lumber

Patty Brunetti
Business Owner

Betty Carrola, PT
Business Owner

Tracy Hazelton, FNP/PA-C
Community Member

Diane Tomkins Plante, CPA
Owner, Tomkins Tax Consultants




“Most people want to die in comfort and peace, with time for friends and family to say good bye.  When we can open dialogues with our loved ones about our desires and needs for how we want to leave this world, we can start creating peaceful endings.” – Diane Pege, MD, MMM, FACP

“I love what Hospice is all about – not just the high quality care given to patients, but the wonderful attention given to the caregivers.”  – David Neft

“I believe in hospice and the right of the dying to walk their final days in dignity. I believe that our Hospice goes above and beyond to provide comprehensive support to the family and loved ones. “ – Betty Carrola