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Sooner is Better

Patients get the most benefit from hospice support when hospice is called early.
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Patient & Family Services

“Grief is not a disorder, a disease or a sign of weakness. It is an emotional, physical and spiritual necessity, the price you pay for love. The only cure for grief is to grieve.” – Earl Grollman

Individuals whose loved one has received Hospice Care are encouraged to engage in Grief Counseling, as well as community members who have lost a loved without receiving Hospice care. 

As soon as your loved one joins our service, Hospice Services of Lake County provides Grief and Loss Support for family members, friends, and/or caregivers.  We provide initial one-on-one counseling, telephone counseling, and small group support.  After the initial Bereavement Support, we provide a variety of ongoing support groups for as long as you choose to attend.  In addition, families with children are offered our Wings of Hope Family Camp which meets several times each year.


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Patient & Family Services

Wilderness of Grief: 8-Week Education and Bereavement Support Group

If you have lost someone significant in your life, we invite you to explore the Wilderness of Grief with us. Group sessions are structured with combined instruction and discussion in a safe environment by specially-trained staff and volunteer facilitators.

Stronger Together: Ongoing Grief and Loss Support Groups

Often, when we experience the death of a loved one, we don’t know where to turn for emotional support. Through our Hospice & Community Bereavement Programs, we can offer grief and loss support to community members of all ages.  Groups meet casually each month in various locations throughout Lake County.

Wings of Hope Family Bereavement Camp

Wings of Hope Family Bereavement Camp is Hospice Services of Lake County’s annual free three-day camp for Lake County families with children 5 years and older that have experienced the death of a loved one.  Families enjoy activities designed for healing such as horse therapy, canine comfort, music, art and more.

Comprehensive Bereavement Skills Training

The trainings are open to all community members who desire more knowledge, education and understanding of how to support those who are mourning. These discussions come from collective experiences and are rewarding.

School Outreach Programs

Our School Outreach programs provide a safe space for children and teens to learn and express their feelings associated with grief and loss. 

Individual Counseling


Individuals can receive one-on-one counseling related to grief and loss.  Each session is specifically designed to help the individual process and determine further needs.

Why do we provide “Community Bereavement Services”?

“In every heart there is an inner room, where we can hold our greatest treasures and our deepest pain.”  -Marianne Williamson


Often when a sudden death occurs, we don’t know where to turn for emotional support.  Through the generosity of donors and special grants, we are able to offer Grief and Loss Support to our community members.  First, we provide an assessment session to establish how we can best support your bereavement needs.  We may suggest a limited number of bereavement counseling sessions and/or a referral to one of our specialized small bereavement groups.  If you are having complicated grief and loss issues that would require a more therapeutic environment, we will refer you to clinicians in our community.

We offer Services, Classes, and Groups on an ongoing basis.

Call 707-263-6222 and ask for Bereavement and Family Services.