June 20, 2015 – The day began at the check-in table. Hikers of all sizes and ages came to make the hike.

All photographs courtesy of Karl Parker

Checking in and turning in sponsorship packets.

Checking in and turning in sponsorship packets.

...and the hikers kept coming.

…and the hikers kept coming.

IMG_3494 (267x400)

Some came on two wheels,

and some came with four legged friends.

IMG_3711 (267x400)

T-shirts were handed out

IMG_3620 (600x503)

and directions were eagerly given.

It's over there

It’s over there

Some groups really got into the spirit and dressed up their t-shirts.

IMG_3634 (350x233)


T-shirts, water, snacks awards and the entire event was made possible by our awesome sponsors:

Dignity Memorial        Roto- Rooter        Lucerne Community Clinic

Michael’s Insurance Services       Mendo-Lake Credit Union    

Strong Financial Network          A Nice Care Home



Sutter Lakeside Hospital and Rocky Point Care Center

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Awesome Sponsor

100_4109 (600x450)

Awesome Sponsor

And the rest of our amazing sponsors …

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A volunteer entertained the hikers before the hike.

Music under the oaks

Music under the oaks


And finally, they’re off…

IMG_3722 (350x233)

3-milers started first

IMG_3732 (350x233)


2-milers waiting to start

2-milers waiting to start


And off they go

And off they go

The 1-milers taking off

…and kept on going

The 1-milers take to the trail

The 1-milers take to the trail


Donations were tallied up to see who would win the awards when the hikers returned.

Tallying up the donations

Tallying up the donations



And the awards were really cool!

IMG_3460 (400x600)

Nothin but the best!

And the mighty hikers returned ….

IMG_3843 (450x287)


IMG_3844 (400x296)


IMG_3832 (213x350)


IMG_3831 (365x400)

Cheered on by staff and volunteers …IMG_3910 (350x233)



and greeted with plenty of cold water …

IMG_3896 (600x462)

…from the staff at Dignity Memorial.

IMG_3811 (400x214)

Love the water!

Gathered for a group shot before the awards.

Group Shot - Everyone Smile

Group Shot – Everyone Smile

Award for most money raised by a team…

IMG_3925 (350x327)

most money raised by an individual…

"Just my size!"

“Just my size!”

and the second place most money raised by an individual.

Hot, but Happy!

Hot, but Happy!

Best dressed team goes to the family who hulas together.

Hula, Hula, Coconut

Hula, Hula, Coconut

A big THANK YOU to all of our hikers and sponsors, volunteers and staff who all helped Hospice raise money to provide free grief counseling to the community and to pay for special needs of people who are living the last months of their lives.

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Celebrate today and every day.

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