Outstanding service recognized

Eight volunteers for Hospice Services of Lake County were recognized for outstanding service in 2014 at its annual volunteer appreciation luncheon on April 17, 2015.  Laisné Hamilton for Patient Support; Madelene Lyon for Bereavement Support; Pat Brown for Clerical Support; … Continue reading

Volunteering: The happiness effect

When Laisné Hamilton says she loves volunteering, brain chemistry is at work literally producing a pleasure chemical in the body called dopamine.  According to David J. Linden, professor of neuroscience at Johns Hopkins University, “Your brain’s pleasure circuits are activated … Continue reading

Great work for a higher purpose

In any given week, Sharon Weeks and Annina van Voorene may find themselves delivering birthday flowers, arranging for a repair to a home wheelchair ramp, making travel arrangements, counseling a family whose loved one is dying, filling out forms, or … Continue reading

Why doctors wage war on old age

Published in the CHAPCA newsletter Trendsetter, February 2015 What would the US medical system be like if physicians were as well trained in the human aspects of patient care as they are in the technical aspects of medicine? In a … Continue reading

Lessons from a default caregiver

By Christine Hutt, Marketing Coordinator for Hospice Services of Lake County   A few generations ago families frequently lived under one roof. There was always someone available to care for those who needed it, whether it was immediate family or … Continue reading